Johanna in Sweden

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A lousy writer.

Ok, it is obvious that I have no patience writing a blog. So, instead of constantly having a bad conscious I will stop, at least temporarely and continue when I'm out travelling in the world. (I have applied for a French course in Lyon next semester and if I go I will definately start to write again).

Love, Johanna

Thursday, April 07, 2005

A short update.


I'm at the university right now trying to write something intelligent. I have an assignment in which I have to write what characterizes an ideal pedagogical leadership. Paradoxically (is that a word in English?) the pedagogical leadership for this course is among the worst I have ever seen. I suppose if I just write the exact opposite of what the teachers doing I will do just fine;)

Anyway, I don't feel like writing anything intelligent right now so instead I write a short update of what I have been up to the last couple of days.
Last Wedenesday me and Jakob went to Stockholm to listen to a band called Keane. It is a small band from Great Britain that plays the most wonderful and sweet music. The concert was held at "Berns" which is an absolutely amazing place. Like I said with Ane Brun, I you haven't listened to this band I really recommend it.
Friday I had a small delayed birthday party together with my classmate Sarah for our friends in Växjö. Great food, good wine and wonderful friends, what more can you ask for.
Saturday, Jakob moved back to Värnamo again:( He has got a new job in a town called Gnosjö and it is to far to commuting from Växjö to this place. Don't get me wrong I am really happy for him, I just wished he didn't have to move. Well, I shouldn't complain it is a lot better than Perpignan and Värnamo.

Ok, that's it for now. Take care!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter in Växjö

Hello everybody!

Today is the last day of easter. Me and Jakob spent the weekend here in Växjö together with Jakob's brother and wife; Linda and Christopher. Most of the students on campus had gone away over the holiday so it was very nice and calm here. Saturday evening is normaly quite noicy here because of all the parties (especially in my building since "Norrlands nation" , a student organisation with only parties on its agenda, has its little office or to be more precise bar right under my apartment) .

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Birthday and culture

Sorry that I haven't written in a long time. I simlpy haven't had the time of the energy.
Ok, to tell you the truth I have been lazy... But don't worry, here comes a short update of what has happened in my life the last couple days:

Last weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday in Åminne (the place where my parents live) together with my family. We spent the day outside with snow, sunshine, hotdogs and an open fire. Cozy! (Wished that Tina and Johan could have been there).
The evening before I had invited Jakob's family and some friends to Åminne for some mediterranean food. Feta cheese, olives, Fuccachia bread with sundried tomatoes etc. Yummy!

Tuesday and Thursday evening me and Jakob went out to explore the cultural life in Växjö. First we went to see a film called "Prostitution behind the veil" ( I don't know the title in English so it is directly translated from Swedish). It was a documentary about two women from Iran who earn their living by prostitution. The director of the film Nahid Persson, an Iranian woman living in Sweden, was present and after the film the audience had the chance to ask her questions. Many Iranians were in the theatre and some of them seemed to be very provoked by the film due to the fact that it showed quite a negative image of Iran, which led to to some rather loud and wild discussions. I can't say that I know a lot about the situation in Iran and it was therefore very interesting to hear Nahid and the other Irnians discuss. If you have the chance to see the film you should definately do it because it was really strong and moving.

Thursday we went to a concert with a singer and song writer called Ane Brun. Before the concert we had only heard one or two songs with her and didn't have very high expectations, but as soon as she started to sing I got goose bumps all over my body ( and they stayed the whole concert). Wow! What a girl! Go and by the CD if you can.

Ok, that's all for now my friends.
Take care!

Just one more thing, I cut my hair today. It is more than 2 dm shorter now.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Skiing again.

Yesterday me and Jakob went skiing in Hestra again. It is my birthday on Sunday (I can't believe I will turn 25!) so the trip to Hestra was a birthday gift in advance from Jakob. As a child I hated to ski which had to do with me being scared of heights, but I suppose that has changed because I really enjoy it now. Ok, I'm no star but I manage to get down the hills without breaking any legs. (I must add that it is practically impossible to break any legs beacuse I ski in the same speed as a snail)

Bye for now!

Sunday, February 27, 2005


The school where I'm doing my teacher training has had a sports holiday this past week. This means that even I had the week of. The first couple of days I didn't do much due to lack of money but on friday when I got my student allowance me, Jakob and my chinese friend Kang went skiing in Hestra. It was a lovely day with plenty of snow and sunshine. It was Kang's first time on skiis which means that we spent a lot of time tryin to untangling the skiis, ha ha. Even if she was no Ingmar Stenmark she was really brave and really tried. When the day was over she had actually tried all of the slopes in the resort.

Today me and Jakob will drive out to nature reserve outside Växjö with some hot chocolat and just enjoy the beautiful weather. Take care!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Teacher training

This week I have had teacher training at KOMVUX which is an education center for adults here in Sweden. The following three weeks I will be there practising my teacher skills. So far I have followed the work of teachers in everything from classes with illiterates to groups that study English at upper secondary school level. It is really interesting and challenging.

Unfortunately I have not found a software that can publish photos on the internet for macintosh yet, and therefore can't show you any photos on this homepage. But I will continue the search and hopefully show you something in the future.

Have a nice weekend!